5 Vacation rental management tasks to outsource or automate

Mar 18, 2020 | Homeowner Tips

Running a vacation rental business is a huge responsibility and managing a property is easier said than done. From cleaning the home between turnovers to handling guests to jotting a plan to promote the property – the day-to-day activities of vacation rentals could be daunting. 

So, as a homeowner, you need to be smart about the tasks that you personally take care of and the work that you can outsource. Offloading some of the daily chores can help you focus on things that need your attention and can help you manage your vacation rental business more efficiently. 

If you’re wondering what are the tasks that you can outsource or automate, here are 5 responsibilities you can get rid off right away – 

  1. Cleaning your property

One of the most important and time consuming tasks is cleaning your property between each guest turnover. So, hiring a professional cleaning service provider will help you save some of your efforts –  from replacing bed spreads, pillow covers, linens to sanitizing your bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchen, everything will be done for you. 

With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, guests are more concerned about the spreading of the infection. So, giving them confidence that the cleaning service of your property is handled by a professional agency can help your potential guests feel at ease and choose your vacation rental for their stay.

  1. Automate guest check-in, check-out

As a homeowner, you should definitely consider automating this process. With the help of smart door locks, you can facilitate your guests with a smooth, contactless check-in and check-out process. This way you don’t have to worry about handing over the keys to your guests or get frustrated and wait for them when they are late. 

And, if your guests happen to be a tourist, then you might have to register them first with the authorities, then remit taxes collected from your guests. So, is it worth all the hassle and your precious time? Maybe not. 

  1. Maintenance & repair 

It is important to periodically audit your vacation rental to ensure the property is in immaculate condition and any major damage can be spotted early. And, if at all your property has any issues like blocked drains, blown fuses or broken heaters, you definitely need to rely on a professional to carry out repairs for you. So, why not strike a deal with the maintenance to regularly audit and fix anything that’s broken? Saves a lot of time for you. 

  1. Listing your property on rental websites

Listing your property on various rental websites is perhaps one of the most important tasks to ensure you that your property is getting the maximum visibility among guests looking to make a reservation. The listing process involves writing clear descriptions of your property and any rules that you might have for your property. Also, you need to keep updating these listings on a regular basis to keep it up to date, which can be a challenge. Clearly, this is a process that doesn’t deserve your consistent attention and can very easily be outsourced. 

  1. Photography 

Your vacation rental listing must have great photographs in order to attract guest bookings. End of the story.  So, if you don’t have necessary skill set or professional gear, then just outsource this bit – it’s a simple task for a photographer and he’ll do a great job showcasing your property. 

If you are considering outsourcing all of the above tasks, then you’re at the right place. At Belvilla, we offer comprehensive property management services, which include writing  and designing your property’s description, location photography, changeover services, check-in services, maintenance services and more. Basically, we’re a one stop shop for homeowners. Just talk to one of our rental experts today and you’ll be amazed to know what all we can do for you. 

Let your holiday home with us

Belvilla brings its 40+ years of property management experience & over 2000 travel partners to optimize your rental income for you without any hassle.

Let your holiday home with us

Belvilla brings its 40+ years of property management experience & over 2000 travel partners to optimize your rental income for you without any hassle.

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