A few simple ways to expand your vacation rental business

Mar 8, 2020 | Homeowner Tips

If you’re already running a vacation rental property, then you know it’s not easy to scale the business. While vacation rental offers an excellent opportunity to earn passive, yet regular income, it’s not easy to maintain the property and grow like other conventional businesses out there. And, throw business seasonality to the mix, achieving consistent growth is easier said than done.

As a homeowner, you would’ve already spent a lot of time trying out a few things to market your property, improve it’s occupancy rate and find ways to grow your vacation rental business. However, not all efforts give results and sometimes you need more persistence, before you can get the desired outcome.

Here are a few simple things that you can help you expand your vacation rental business –

Listing your property

One of the most basic things that you need to do as a vacation rental owner is to list your property across rental websites. These platforms will help you get guest bookings. The listing process involves writing clear descriptions of your property, any rules that you might have and requires to share accurate photographs of your vacation rental property.

In the interest of making your life a lot easier, we think it’s appropriate to introduce our service to you. We at Belvilla offer a comprehensive property management service, where we take care of everything for you. When you work with us, our team of professionals write your property’s description using the latest search engine optimisation techniques to maximise your home’s performance in search platforms.

Also, we know that a picture tells a thousand words! So, our team will visit your home and take high quality photographs of your property and ensure that the images used in your property listing are as visually attractive as possible.

Our listing service is just like the tip of an iceberg. We offer a lot more services, talk to our rental experts to know more.

Advertising your property

Getting the best possible exposure to your property should be one of your top priorities. Set aside an advertising budget and consider promoting your vacation rental in many channels as possible. Also, consider targeting a new set of audience and guests from the past to keep your property engaged.

In case you didn’t know, we at Belvilla support all our homeowners with marketing their properties. We make sure that all the properties on our platform gets the attention it deserves. We have a multi-million dollar marketing budget and we use a wide range of marketing channels across offline and online mediums to target customers and get them to book your vacation home. Also, we work with more than 2000+ websites including Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Homeaway, Casamundo & others to bring your property the best possible exposure throughout the year.

Creating content

It’s important to attract guests to your vacation rental property in as many ways as possible. Content places a huge role in educating your guests about your property and your services. As a homeowner, you can produce content that will help your guests plan their vacation and organise their calendars. You can write about a whole lot of things from places to visit to best restaurants in your locality to top things to do.

Clearly, there’s a lot of effort required in consistently publishing high quality content. Running a vacation rental business independently is quite a hassle. So, we highly recommend working with a vacation rental manager so that you can focus on important things and leave the rest to them.

Creating a brand on social media platforms

Social media is probably the most important platform in today’s day and age. Your active presence on this medium will largely dictate the success of your vacation rental business. Expanding your brand presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram will help you promote your property and reach out to your target audiences.

If you’re serious about your vacation rental business and want to scale to newer heights, then we at Belvilla can help you amplify your growth. We’ve been working with homeowners for over 40 years and we’ll be happy to support you with your endeavour. Just talk to one of our rental experts today and you’ll be amazed to know what we can do for you.

Let your holiday home with us

Belvilla brings its 40+ years of property management experience & over 2000 travel partners to optimize your rental income for you without any hassle.

Let your holiday home with us

Belvilla brings its 40+ years of property management experience & over 2000 travel partners to optimize your rental income for you without any hassle.

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