How to get 5 star reviews from your guests

Mar 6, 2020 | Home Marketing, Homeowner Tips

The way consumers make decisions have drastically changed ever since the web has emerged. From choosing a travel destination, to staying in a vacation rental, it’s rare that consumers blindly make a decision without reading through several online reviews.

Online reviews are treated as personal recommendations – these reviews not only influence decision making, but also strengthens a vacation property’s credibility. Previous guest reviews help gain customer trust and therefore, at large, encourage people to interact and eventually make reservations for your property. Did you know that 90% of consumers say that positive online reviews influence their decision making?

For a vacation rental business, reviews are probably the key differentiator for travelers to pick a particular vacation rental property over other options. So, as a homeowner, it’s extremely important for you to focus on building 5 star reviews for your property. Here are a few suggestions that you can follow to collect great reviews and attract new visitors –

Be honest with your listings

First and foremost thing to do if you wish to get a 5 star rating from a guest is to give them a very accurate description of your property. Basically, you need to set the expectations right even before the guest arrives at your property. Most homeowners set the bar too high, one they can’t match and end up dissatisfying their customers. Be honest while describing your property, so that your guests exactly know what they’re signing up for.

Go above and beyond

If you can go above and beyond while serving your guests, more often than not, a 5-star review is guaranteed. So, put yourself into your guests hat and think about things that would make them happy.

What can you do? Hmm, well.. Try reaching them a few days prior to their arrival and ask if they have any special needs that you can cater to or reach out to them on a regular basis during their stay and see how you can make their stay more comfortable.

Provide modern amenities

Convenience is something everybody loves! So, consider placing a few modern amenities like a coffee machine, cable TV or streaming services, fast Wi-Fi connectivity, game consoles, electrical adaptors and chargers, small kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, board games etc

Make sure to provide amenities that enhance the overall experience and create memories for your guests during the course of their stay in your property.

Ask for reviews!

Plain and simple – quite often guests forget to post their reviews. So, If you’re happy about the way you served your guest and if you’re confident that they were happy with your service, then you can write an email to your guest after their departure and request them to consider writing a review of their stay in your property. Quite often

The secret sauce for getting a 5 star rating is.. Well, it’s quite simple – extraordinary service! It’s the best way to delight your customers and encourage them to remain loyal. We recommend you dedicate your efforts towards improving the overall value a guest is getting during his stay in your property. Keep one thing in mind – don’t promise something that you can’t deliver. Instead, under-promise and over deliver. This way you’ll not to be too far from getting 5 star reviews from your guests.

Want to provide a 6-star service to your guests? Is providing great customer experience a top priority for you? If you’re answering ‘yes’ to these questions, then you should definitely explore and know more about our property management service. At Belvilla, we’ve a comprehensive solution to take care of your vacation rental property, from start to finish. Just talk to one of our rental experts today and we’ll tell you how you can take your game to the next level.

Let your holiday home with us

Belvilla brings its 40+ years of property management experience & over 2000 travel partners to optimize your rental income for you without any hassle.

Let your holiday home with us

Belvilla brings its 40+ years of property management experience & over 2000 travel partners to optimize your rental income for you without any hassle.

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